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North America Farmed Sliced Matsutake Mushrooms
North America Farmed Sliced Matsutake Mushrooms
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Details: 300g w/ 2 Sudachi
*Expected Delivery Date approx Mid-September ~ approx Late October
*Order Deadline: Late-October [Depending on availability]

North America farmed Matsutake Mushrooms are whiter than other Matsutake Mushrooms are have a thicker stem to complement the bigger cap. Matsutake Mushrooms to make every bite even more enjoyable. These have already been sliced so they are ready to be cooked. Enjoy the luxurious taste at an affordable price.

Please Note:
*Depending on the size the quantity may vary.
*Please understand we are unable to grant requests for the size of the Matsutake Mushrooms.
*Depending on the weather conditions there may be a delay in harvest so we are unable to ship in large quantities.
*Delivery dates may vary and we are unable to grant requested delivery date and, we will deliver Matsutake Mushrooms in order we receive the Orders.
*We are unable to deliver to the Remote Islands such as Amami-Ooshima, and Izu-Shichitou.

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